Quality - Certifications

With the responsability years of existence give, Anicolor is now a certified company and has also certified all their product treatments.

The quality certificates for anodizing - Qualanod - and lacquering - Qualicoat, including Seaside class - guarantee our customers products with certified quality surface treatments.

In the spirit of constant qualification of our products, we have implemented the Directive "CE Marking for External Frames", directly involving our business partners, the aluminum metalworks representing Anicolor products.

In this context all aluminum systems made by the company are approved by the respective European laboratories, satisfying the requirements of the NP EN 14351-1 standard.

Anicolor is also certified according to the norm EN ISO 9001:2015, under the "Design, Development and Production of Aluminium Profiles by Extrusion. Mounting Profiles with Thermal Break. Surface Treatment (Anodizing and Lacquering). Marketing Profiles, Plates and Accessories".

Qualanod Arquitecture
Qualanod Industrial
CE Marking


Quality Policy


Anicolor aims to be a reference company in the aluminum market, increasing levels of national and international awareness through continuous commitment to the quality of its products and the sustained growth of its business.


Anicolor's mission is to develop, produce and market aluminum systems for architecture and industry in general, offering innovative solutions with the top quality desired by its customers.


Anicolor - Sistemas de Alumínio, is a leading company in the area of Aluminum Systems design, whose objective is firstly the customization of the work in function of the specific need of its customer and its full satisfaction, having as target market, the companies of aluminum carpentry and the construction market.

To this end, it understands how fundamental:

• Commit to meet customer requirements by ensuring applicable legal and regulatory norms to continuously improve the effectiveness of the QMS;

• Carrying out the company's activity with a philosophy of continuous improvement;

• Meet customer needs and expectations;

• Maintain a partnership and good performance relationship with suppliers so that they meet the requirements and assume quality commitments of their products / services;

• Promote the training and experience of its employees;

• To promote the capacity of innovation allowing the creation of avant-garde solutions adjusted to the reality and dimension of each project of work;

• To offer the market an increasing improvement in the quality of its products;

• Increase awareness of the Anicolor brand and seek sustained growth without ever compromising the principle of total quality and the company's viability.