Grand Prix Anicolor 2018

On Sunday, May 20, once again the roads of the region of Agueda recieved a sea of people to see the pack, composed of 13 teams and 94 cyclists, in this 3rd Anicolor Grand Prix.

Throughout more than 140km and almost 4h00 of course between Oliveira do Bairro and Águeda, event that makes part of the national road calendar of the season 2018 in the elite and sub-23, saw the young runner Luis Gomes triump (Popular Radio/Boavista), who also won the mountain classification.

Oliveira do Bairro, Aguada de Baixo, Borralha, Aguada de Cima, Águeda, Recardães, Piedade, Perrães, Fermentelos, Oiã, Silveiro, São Martinho, Belazaima do Chão, Agadão, Falgoselhe and Bolfiar were the places where the peloton passed.

At the podium in Águeda, the team of Popular Radio/Boavista won the collective ranking, and Luís Gomes recieved the blue (mountain) and yellow jersey (winner of the GP).