CE Marking

Certification introduced by the European Commission to ensure that the windows and exterior pedestrian doors satisfy the communitarian norm EN 14351-1.

Compulsory as of February 2010.

Without the CE label can not sell windows or exterior pedestrian doors from this date.

The only one responsible for CE marking is the manufacturer of the frames. However, aware of the technical effort and training that is required for this rule, Anicolor put in place the necessary means for the installers of the products can get started the CE marking.

Anicolor has created a specific CE area to assist, advise and ensure to our customers the full compliance with the standard EN14351-1.

CE Marking in 3 steps:

• Factory Production Control (CPF)

• Initial Type Testing (ITT)

• Label CE Marking / Declaration of Conformity

Guide of CE Implementation [open]

For more information contact us by mail marcace@anicolor.pt or by phone (+351) 234 729 420.