Wood Effect

Wood Effect

Using appropriate furnace sublimation techniques, and by applying films of different colors and textures, we offer a wide range of wood imitation lacquereds, with a high level of quality, durability and realism.

Wood effect lacquering or decorative lacquering is a type of finishing which gives profiles an aesthetic effect imitating wood.

Its pre-treatment is the same as the conventional lacquering, however, the ink used in the process is a transparent and porous polyurethane, non-toxic and resistant to weather conditions, with high mechanical strength and high UV rays resistance.

Then, through an heat transfer process, sublimation takes place and the existing decor of a particular movie film penetrates into the base paint that is previously made ​​to the profiles, allowing to obtain penetration thicknesses of around 70 microns.

Besides being able to run on all types of profiles, decorative lacquer is also widely used to decorate paneled plates.

It's the kind of finish suitable for the inner part of the thermal break systems, where you can opt for a painted or anodized exterior and a similar to the furniture "wood" interior, that is, a more welcoming than the classic aluminum finishes.

Some of the finishes available (actual colors may vary from those shown in the samples):